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Some people will watch Really Big Game at home, and some will have much more fun with us

You may have heard about a football game coming up this Sunday, in a really large stadium shaped like a really very huge glass goblet used for serving punch, but with thousands of seats instead of juice and chunks of fruit floating in it. We can’t say its name, even though it would be really super if […]

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Join us for authentic Chinese New Year food on Saturday, Jan. 28

In the Chinese zodiac, the year 2017 makes this the year of the rooster.  If you were born in the year of 2017 ,2005, 1993, 1981, 1969,  etc it is your year, and you get to celebrate on Saturday, Jan. 28. The Chinese zodiac characters are also associated with one of five elements (gold, water, […]

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Looking for Gen. Tso in the kitchen? Nope, it’s just a name for tasty chicken

Let’s talk about General Tso. At the China Gorge, according to Grace Su, the three most popular dishes are Hot & Sour Soup, Dry Style Green Beans, and Gen. Tso’s Chicken. “They’re neck and neck,” Grace says, smiling at the thought of three dishes from her menu, racing like horses to the finish line. A […]

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Why China Gorge uses rice bran oil, and why it’s better for you

Chinese cooking involves a lot of stir-frying. At Grace Su’s China Gorge, we do our frying with rice bran oil – because it makes for better frying, and because it’s more nutritious. From a practical standpoint, it has a high smoke point. In other words, it can be heated to above 450 degrees during stir-frying […]

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